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Help develop the concept for a northern sporting precinct

17 days ago

The City of Wagga Wagga is currently seeking input from the community on a concept to develop a northern sporting precinct on Charles Sturt University (CSU) land.

The need to develop a suburban playground, park and sporting facilities, public amenities and connecting infrastructure in the northern suburbs has been identified in the draft Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy.

During consideration of required facilities a potential opportunity has been identified where the City could partner with CSU to develop such an environment on their land. This would see both organisations working together to deliver a quality asset for the local community.

If pursued this concept could see facilities developed in partnership with CSU on land adjacent to the University’s existing Peter Hastie Oval.

Project elements that have been identified for possible inclusion are:

  • Suburban(District) Playground
  • 2 x rectangular sporting fields
  • A community facility
  • Shelters, picnic tables and BBQ’s
  • A skate park (or other recreational facility)
  • Netball court/s
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Connections that improve accessibility and increase the connection between the University and adjacent suburbs

View the concept here. View the proposed area here.

What do you think of the concept? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Submit your thoughts before Friday 31 March 2017.

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Trish Greg 3 days ago
This was suppose to be a community Centre and playing field for Estella ,play group, community its get together,a place where kids could hang out ...youth centreBut it's been hijacked by CSU
MichaelCalnan 4 days ago
Not a bad idea. But is Estella so far removed from Wagga that it needs or should have it's own sports precinct? There seems to be an abundance of sporting areas already in Wagga.
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Trish Greg 4 days ago
Saving the roads by not having to go to town
MichaelCalnan 3 days ago
The roads will be utilized by people from different areas of Wagga that wish to make use of the Estella complex. So the roads will still be used. And we know council and the State are not interested in the well being of the roads.
Ainslie Rust 8 days ago
I believe if it is built on CSU land then CSU sporting events etc should be first priority. For example saturdays and some evenings there are matches and training that needs to happen. The clubs of CSU should be prioritised over general public. Also, the land proposed is now used for sheep grazing. What will happen with that?
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Walkie-talkie 8 days ago
The sheep would be allowed to play sport too. Alternatively they can graze on any of the 100rds and 1000nds acres of grazing land around the city. I think they will be just fine.
Ainslie Rust 7 days ago
No need to be patronising.
Shane Raidal 5 days ago
Or we could have a BBQ
Trish Greg 4 days ago
Aggies will find a home for them
Trish Greg 4 days ago
The estella community centre needs to be in central estella,not off to The endWe're it is suppose to be.This community has been waiting more than 18 years for centre,for play group,meeting place for kids,parties etc.I am not saying don't develop hastie park ,but dont sacrifice the estella community for it.Children's safety at hastie park would be a concern as there are no close neighbours to help if needed,Traffic is an issue if the road is diverted back thru estella ,a busy road trucks,uni cars,estella rise cars,outer town cars,horse floats going to equine centre at CSU ,what were u thinking 16 days ago
Looks amazing. Some community tennis courts would be a big bonus too if it's a possibility. Somehow linking it to bike tracks in Boorooma, Estella and Gobbagombalin would provide safe passage for children and families commuting there.
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matt_2 11 days ago
CSU already has tennis courts on the other side of the hill so can't see them keen on this. Maybe in another part of Estella council could negotiate with developers in future subdivisions to put one in.
Trish Greg 4 days ago
No it won't when the roads get diverted back thru estella,roads won't be safe
Walkie-talkie 8 days ago
-Will there be footpath connections between the northers suburbs to the sportgrounds? Estella Rise is currently isolated and not linked to any of the existing footpaths connecting to the university/proposed new sportsgrounds or any of the other suburbs.
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Trish Greg 4 days ago
One day advocet st will join up with you just don't know when
Tristan Robinson 6 days ago
As a current committee member of CSU Football Netball Club and an Estella resident, I can reflect from both "sides". The main thing to remember is this is a joint partnership between Council and CSU. Without the land, council would have no where to offer residents 'green space', and without WWCC, CSU does not have the funding or immediate requirement to utilise the land. So whatever comes of this development will be a win-win for both students and residents. At a forum today, the consultant explained that this is a master plan with room for some minor changes, but the inclusion of the large square space for 2 side by side multipurpose fields is a given (for rugby or soccer) as is a community center, play ground and a skatepark. After recently spending hundreds of thousands on renovating the existing Peter Hastie oval surface (drainage, sub surface sprinklers, signage, goal posts) for our football club & upgrading the canteen, I cannot see the logic in moving the entire club. The vacant land west of Peter Hastie oval is prime land that is open to future residential or university development hence the location of the new rectangular sports fields on the eastern side. These new fields could host new clubs/events and should be available to hire. Accessibility for vehicles and dual purpose bike- footpaths is important. Lighting should be made high priority, for safety and to maximize the usability during winter. Female amenities/change rooms need to be built for the netball court. Peter Hastie now has a synthetic cricket pitch and the new fields could also have a pitch, allowing use over summer weekends by local kids cricket comps. A cricket net should be considered. A fenced area in the far east or western corner could be provided for dog lovers. Netball courts will be included under CSU's commitment to the Netball Club but again, will be able to be utilized by local residents in off peak times. Spectator viewing- using the natural amphitheater to create a more spectator friendly viewing of the sports fields will attract more local residents to come watch some weekend sport and support the canteen.In respect to specialized sports fields like an athletics track or hockey field, other universities do cater for these, but that is due to far larger numbers of students & funds. CSU doesn't have this luxury and I cant see WWCC funding another hockey & athletics centre to compete with Jubilee.
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Samantha Moxon 6 days ago
I disagree with your point on the hockey as Even a half field or decent patch of artificial turf with a concrete wall on one side would be amazing for the hockey players. With jubilee park being 20 minutes from uni and costing upwards of $50 an hour to train, and keeping in mind the ducks are the largest club on campus, it is ridiculous not to have something available at the uni. Many students have resorted to hitting a ball against the squash court walls or risk destroying expensive sticks on the tennis courts as there is simply no where adequate to train. It could also be used by other sports such as soccer for individual or small group training. There is no denying that it would be well used and therefore should be taken into consideration. After all, we are not after a state of the art hydro turf, just simply somewhere decent to have a hit.
matt_2 11 days ago
I think that the Council needs to consider which sports are going to make use of the facilities. The biggest sports in Wagga in terms of participation would be Netball (who desperately need an indoor stadium), Touch Football, Junior NRL & Soccer. These last 3 sports all use rectangular grounds. The better use of the space would be to move Peter Hastie Oval to the Eastern section of the land allotment (Cnr Estella and Booroma). In that section also put in a netball court which caters for the Netball associated with the football leagues. The current Peter Hastie Oval can then become set up for rectangular based field sports, and these can then continue up Estella Road. In terms of the development Parking along Estella Road should also be considered. Look at the volume of vehicles around Rawlings, Duke of Kent, Frenches Fields, Jubilee Park when junior sport is on and you'll soon see the need for plenty of parking. So in terms of how to best use the space, it needs to be considered in light of which sports need the facilities. The multi-purpose bike facility which was drafted for Mt Pomingalarna should also be factored into funding spends. If Mt Pomingalarna is not a suitable space, maybe some of this CSU land could be used for that purpose.
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Tristan Robinson 6 days ago
I imagine the brief for the consultant would have been for main priority for sports field use being University sports clubs eg: AFL, rugby, netball, frisbee and 2.) creating more green space for local residents. I cant see any logic in moving Peter Hastie Oval as you propose, as it has just has hundreds of thousands spent on it to get it how it is. The proposed plan includes 2x side by side rugby/soccer fields with run-off, which would be available to the local residents to stretch their legs or other local sports groups who wish to hire.
Dom Costello 7 days ago
I'm a CSU Student and one of nearly 100 students that play hockey for the CSU/Rivcoll Hockey Ducks. We are currently the only sporting club on campus that has no facilities to train on and therefore suffer from the highest fees in Wagga to play the sport we love. Many students that come to Uni in Wagga cannot afford to play hockey because of the huge costs placed on our club to play and train on the council owned fields at Jubilee Park. I believe that it is in the best interests of CSU to support their students and make it a requirement for Council to include at the very least a sand based astro turf in the deal as in the above plan there is no benefit to the current students and their clubs on campus. The Netball Courts have already been approved and will be payed for by student funding. Peter Hastie Oval is already in place for our AFL Team and Beres Ellwood Oval is sufficient for our two Rugby Union Teams. Although there will be opportunities for Rugby league teams and soccer teams on the CSU Campus with the proposed design i believe the needs of the current students and clubs should be addressed rather than making facilities that will not be used by CSU students.
rhay1909 7 days ago
Just an idea. How about adding an all weather athletics track on the high side of Hastie Oval. Gives the CSU students a facility for athletes train and compete all year round, allows the Uni to attract University competitions and gives the City of Wagga and the many kids and schools an all weather venue to host carnivals and attract large numbers to the City for various carnivals.
rhay1909 7 days ago
Great idea. Any increase in recreational open space for Wagga Wagga is a huge plus. Just looking from a Rugby League point of view some access to extra rectangle fields with lights and both male and female change rooms and possible a small canteen area would be a huge benefit participants. Rugby League in Wagga Wagga currently struggles for training venues, particularly venues with lights for night time training and/or games. The increase participation rates of females in Rugby League, mainly though the introduction of League Tag in recent years, had placed unprecedented demands on grounds and in particular has highlighted the lack of facilities including change rooms for female participants.
M.Ramezani 11 days ago
It would be great to have such development in the city...but I think it is better to have a soccer field included as well beside the plan.
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matt_2 7 days ago
Its worth taking a look at the soccer field and amenities block they have at LaTrobe uni in Wodonga as an example.
Trish Greg 11 days ago
There is a tennis court in estella top park on gun dr.
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Walkie-talkie 8 days ago
It is hidden away.
Walkie-talkie 8 days ago
Great initiative. Please consider including exercise equipment and/or running/training track.
mildew17 11 days ago
I am an Estella resident and fully support the creation of a northern sporting precinct at this location. There are currently not enough public facilities in Estella. The proposed sporting facilities and amenities look very good. Suggest also include running/walking track/trail that links to new Boorooma park facility on nearby hill at Whitten Ave. Also suggest include: exercise equipment and soccer goals. Would be more enjoyable if dogs are excluded, or separated in isolated fenced area away from main area.
timklapdor 12 days ago
I think this is a great use of the land and a way to help integrate CSU with the local community. My main point is that it would be good to also include adequate walking and cycle paths - and this may include work to ensure safe road crossings. Rather than just focussing on the facilities - having somewhere to walk, run and ride will see a much larger uptake of the space than the facilities alone. We can reduce the need for cars by making the site accessible on foot or on bike. Extending these pathways around the campus to connect Estella, Boorooma and the new developments over the hill would be fantastic way to not only create connections but usable spaces. The campus has views that rival those of the lake - and that path is used all day everyday and keeps the broader community fit and healthy.
Trish Greg 14 days ago
My concern is that it will benefit csu more than the community,also in the transport review by mrcagney,it says old narrandera rd and olympic access will be trminated and that traffic will be diverted via boorooma ?ESTELLA rd which brings us to the park issues ,there would be too much traffic for pedestrians to access the park,,also the park is at one end of the community which would be better served if it was more central for all families.When older kids go to a park they are far removed from any support if needed,if someone gets hurt there is no one to help vie homes to acces for help.
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Trish Greg 14 days ago
Also as going to town puts so much pressure on our road system,and wwcc is collaborating with csu,perhaps they could do a deal and get the residents north of the river access to use the pool at csu,After all it was built with farmers money to support the aggricultural college.When taken over by csu and others ,community was denied access seeing as we dont have a shop,school or community centre and have been accessing our groceries from town for 36 years
SueBeth 16 days ago
This sounds fantastic! Great idea collaborating with CSU. Hope to see some passive areas with trees too. And bike way up there for prams & bikes. Will there be loos? And "dogs must be on leads"signs. Estella has a real off-lead dog problem.
JessiB 16 days ago
It would be amazing to have access to this kind of community sporting and recreation precinct on this side of Wagga. The suburbs around here are growing so rapidly and it would be great to see this growth supported by community facilities. I also love the idea of a greater connectivity with CSU.
Trish 16 days ago
Love it! It'd be fabulous for our area