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Make Charlie a part of your community

about 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Your feedback has been provided to Council's Corporate Strategy and Communications Team

Council’s newly launched community education truck, Charlie, will be hitting the road at an event or location near you in the coming months.

Charlie stands for Council, Help, Advice, Resources, Learning, Information and Education. The truck is air-conditioned and is fitted with a computer, iPads, smart TV, seats, and is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a wide range of Council resources.

In the coming months you will see Charlie at the Super Rugby trial match at the Exhibition Centre, during Orientation Week for Charles Sturt University and at the NAB AFL match.

As well as attending events, the truck will be used as a mobile headquarters in emergency situations and as a mobile service centre for outlying villages.

So how would you like to see the truck used and do you have any ideas for what you would like to see in it?

Go to the website for more about Charlie and to see where the truck has been and where it is going.

This forum will be open for discussion until Monday 4 April 2016.

Alternatively place a marker on this map to show us where you think Charlie should go!

Belinda Boo 11 months ago
I've visited Charlie on Australia Day, great concept with lots of possibilities. I agree with Charis about having people positioned outside as well, as getting inside would not be easy for people with mobility issues ( or maybe there is an option for this?). Did Charlie make an appearance at Seniors Week?
charis.guilfoyle 11 months ago
I think this is a good idea, it could be important to ensure that when Charlie is at Community Events the council members staffing it not stay inside but also have a 'person' presence - ie someone seated outside maybe to help answer questions and create interest.
Graham J about 1 year ago
I was wondering how many people would be able to gather inside Charlie without feeling cramped? Would it be possible to use Charlie for small community gatherings and presentations when the weather is a bit inclement? This could be a great alternative to having to cancel an event where there would only be 10 to 15 people present.
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Wagga Council about 1 year ago
Thanks for your suggestion, Graham. About 15-20 adults (standing only) would fit. Also, for Charlie to be involved the community gathering or presentation would need to be in conjunction with a Council event. Hope this helps, Stacey.
Gordon about 1 year ago
The Charlie page does not say what a visitor will find in Charlie. Presumably there are staff who can answer questions about Council and there is printed information and interactive systems. It's hard to comment when I do not know what Charlie provides.
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Wagga Council about 1 year ago
Hi Gordon,
Thank you for you interest.
Charlie features a customer counter, dedicated work/desk spaces with iPads, air conditioning, whiteboard, smart television and even a kitchen sink.
The computer at the customer counter is connected to Council's network which means staff will be able to search information, process some online payments and lodge customer requests.
There is plenty of bench and cupboard space as well as seating options.
Printed material (brochures/fact sheets etc) will be available depending on what the truck is being used for on the day. There are also holders for large posters or maps, again these can be changed depending on what the use is.
The video features a number of photos showing the inside of the truck:
Does this help? It will be great to hear your thoughts.
Kinds regards, Lauren
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Gordon about 1 year ago
Thanks Lauren for the reply! Would "Charlie is the mobile Council Chambers, bringing WWCC to the community" be a good summary? I see Charlie being a great facility to have on site when plans, developments, projects and Council activities are discussed with the community at the location.
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Wagga Council about 1 year ago
Thanks Gordon. Yes that would be a good description for how it will be used a lot of the time, however we hope it will go one step further then that and be a resource shared with the community, as opposed to Council simple offering its own services. For example in could be used in partnership with local emergency services in some situations to provide information, or with progress associations at community events to offer other services.
Thank you for your suggestions, I can really see how it could be used to display large scale plans etc on site, great ideas! - Lauren
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Gordon about 1 year ago
Charlie is shaping up to be highly versatile and useful in several rôles from strategic display/information/interactive discussion to emergency response.
Saba Nabi about 1 year ago
Its great-been inside the Van with my young family. Engage the van more with the primary and secondary school kids. Engaging more with the kids and youth of today will surely usher in more innovative ideas. I don't know if its feasible or not but the van should be spotted and available for the public to view at events like Twilight market or at regular gatherings like Farmers Market, Eat Local Thursday where people gather in large number.
Get it to CSU during the 2016 Orientation period or may be at Market Day.
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Wagga Council about 1 year ago
Thank you for all of these suggestions Saba. We agree that the truck will be great for children so will make sure we create plenty of these kind of opportunities. Charlie is already booked in to make an appearance at the CSU for Orientation Week, and the regular gatherings that you suggested are all great ideas. Thank you! Kind regards, Lauren
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Saba Nabi about 1 year ago
Thanks for the response Lauren :)
Enjoy the weekend.

sshamsi about 1 year ago
I think the idea is good. Perhaps having an inviting sign to let people know the purpose of the truck would help to get more attention from the crowd.
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Wagga Council about 1 year ago
Great idea! We'll look into getting an a-frame or something similar so that people are aware why Charlie is in a particular location. Kind regards, Lauren